Push Button Get Mortgage- Real Reviews

Push Button Get Mortgage- Real Reviews

In this day and age, technology is rapidly evolving each and every day. For the most part, this makes life a lot easier. However, at Geneva, we feel Technology is a modern convenience best reserved for buying basic items, booking appointments, and having your favorite take-out delivered.

When it comes to life’s biggest decisions, you deserve to have an experienced human by your side and available when it’s convenient for your hectic schedule.

At Geneva Financial, you work with ONE licensed Mortgage Loan Officer throughout your transaction. We are available to communicate with your on nights, weekends, early mornings – whatever is most convenient for your life.

We believe technology is a valuable tool to execute an efficient and speedy mortgage process, but it takes a back seat to our top Core Value: Always strive to humanize both the customer and employee experience.

While it may seem appealing to complete an entire mortgage online at the click of a button, it doesn’t always guarantee high-quality service.

Recently one of our operations team members was able to sit down with two separate clients who recently refinanced their mortgages.

One client used a big box mortgage company known for its mobile mortgage capabilities. The other client used a loan officer with Geneva Financial, and here is what they had to say.

Client #1, who used a big box mortgage company did not have the greatest experience.

She stated “My husband and I decided to refinance our loan when interest rates dropped. We went with our existing company because we had a fairly good and rapid experience the first time. This most recent experience was not nearly as positive. After making contact with our company we never spoke to the same person twice. We initially applied in the month of March 2020.  We did recognize the pandemic situation as we were dealing with employees of the company who were working out of their homes. Again we never spoke to the same person twice so we often found ourselves duplicating paperwork we had already submitted and going over information or being told information that was conflicting with previous information. 

After applying in early March we waited. We waited for more. Finally, we made a phone call and they indicated they would be following up as we needed an appraisal.  After more calls and emails to try to make contact It was the end of June by the time we had an appraiser come through our home.  The entire refinance process was confusing because we were never informed as to what was happening while we waited.  In July after numerous phone calls to the company, they indicated they would be sending someone out to our home for signatures and to physically go over paperwork.

We finally met with a nice lady who talked to us in our home at length and went over our documents and answered questions.  We finally were approved and things were finalized in August. The most frustrating part was the company’s lack of communication with us. Even after acknowledging that this was a timely matter they never would contact us on a regular basis.  We never formed a relationship with an individual within the company.  We were the ones who constantly reached out by email or phone with vague responses and no explanation as to why this was taking so long.” She stated unfortunately she would not recommend working with such a company.

Client #2, who went with a loan officer with Geneva had a positive experience.

She stated “I had been putting off my refinance for years, simply due to the fact I just assumed it would be super stressful, and I would be turned down. I ended up working with a fantastic loan officer who was incredibly knowledgeable. We had several conversations prior to starting the application loan process just to ensure this would be the right move for me. I told him what I hoped to accomplish and he was able to make an assessment and inform me of what would be possible. The process was easy and user-friendly. The online portal made it easy to upload my required documents, and my loan officer was in constant contact. I was able to call my loan officer any time or day of the week and he would answer almost immediately. He took the time to answer any and all questions I had. He went above and beyond to make sure I was getting the best possible outcome. I felt like he was genuinely treating me like family. I was consistently informed every step of the way or where I was at in the loan process and never once had any confusion on where my loan stood. It was nice to have technology involved to take care of a few pieces of the loan process, but at Geneva, they 100% humanized the loan process. I cannot recommend this company enough, they certainly deliver that human touch”

At Geneva, we understand that home financing can be stressful as it is one of the biggest decisions you will make. We take pride in the fact that we are home loans powered by humans. We have an incredible team of humans waiting to help you with your home financing needs.

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Kyle Best

Kyle Best graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in the Spring of 2020 with a major in Business Management and a minor in Banking and Financial Services. Kyle also grew up in central Kentucky and is starting as a new Loan Officer for Geneva Financial.

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