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Le Creuset cookware is famous for its superb craftsmanship and inventive use of color. The enamel-on-steel line heats up quickly for high performance. So whether you’re boiling water for pasta, blanching vegetables or preparing soup, this all-purpose lightweight stockpot makes an essential addition to your cookware collection.

Heavy-gauge carbon steel construction ensures quick heating.Durable, stain-resistant enamel finish is easy to clean.Heat-resistant phenolic knob stays cool to the touch.Triple-welded side handles provide secure, comfortable hold.Tight-fitting lid allows heat and moisture to circulate.Safe for all cooking surfaces, including induction.Not suitable for use in oven or on unregulated heat source such as barbecue, grill, open fire, wood burner or pizza oven



I’ve been a huge fan of LC for a while and usually have only purchased the dutch ovens and sauciers. But my hubbs likes to do gumbo and he was making it in this tiny aluminum little pasta pot so I surprised him for his bday last year and got him this. He loves it, and he can make a ton of his great gumbo. I make a ton of tea at one time for iced tea so that is about all I use it for, but the gumbo tastes great, there’s never been a burned bottom and it fits my collection well. Don’t get excited as this is not made in France like the dutch ovens, but it is still a quality piece of equipment.


This was a requested Christmas gift for my darling daughter and son-in-law. They both enjoy cooking and appreciate quality.


I am sold on Le Creuset cookware anyway and am very happy with the stock pot addition to my collection. It’s fast. It’s easy to clean. I am very much enjoying the product.


This is the best pot for even heat and not sticking anything. The pot will hold an amount for large crowd’s or you can have plenty left for another day.

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