Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is right around the corner, and your home may be due for a deep clean, so we’ve compiled a spring cleaning checklist. We’ve broken it down room by room to help you tackle this annual spring feat. Throughout the pandemic, most have us may have already been hyper-focused on ensuring we are living in a clean space, while others may have found that to be a daunting task. Deep cleaning your home regularly can help you stay on top of larger maintenance issues down the road. We are here to help.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

First, you will want to go through all of your clothing, food, toys, etc. You’ll want to have a bin for garbage, donation, and keep. Sort through everything to get rid of any unneeded items to eliminate any additional clutter. Once you tackle this you can get started on the next phase. Before tackling spring cleaning it’s a good idea to make sure you have all the supplies necessary. Grab cleaning supplies from your local supermarket or dollar store.

Helpful tips:

Decide you preferred method of cleaning- for example is it easier for you to complete one room at a time, or pick a task and complete it for the household? Use the timer method (set a timer for 30 min, then you can take a break and repeat) Put on your favorite music or show to make the experience fun!


Wipe down cabinetsSpray and wipe down countertopsSanitize and polish fridge exterior and interiorDefrost and wipe down freezerPull appliances out to clean behindSweep and mop the floorsDeep scrub your sink and clean drain/plumbing (check out these great natural home drain cleaners here)Clean interior and exterior of the ovenDust top of cabinetsWipe down baseboards


Vacuum floorsWash beddingDust ceiling fanVacuum curtainsWipe down windowsillsWash windowsVacuum and clean upholstery on any furnitureDust dressers/shelves

Laundry Room:

Clean dryer ventClean lint trapOrganize laundry productsWipe down wallsWipe down baseboardsClean Washer

Living Room:

Dust all surfacesWipe down any surfacesDust ceiling fan/window sillsWash windowsClean upholsteryWash rugsVacuum curtainsDust and clean lampshadesPolish woodWipe down decor


Dust all surfacesDiscard unused productsWipe down all surfacesClean showerhead (Check out this at-home remedy here)Clean drainsScrub bathtubScrub toiletsMop floorsWipe down wallsWipe down baseboardsClean hardware


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