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Summer Break is here for most children across the nation. We’ve gathered some fun eco-friendly activities for you and your family to try during the break! For most states, the weather is great, take some time to soak in all nature has to offer.

Eco-Friendly Summer Activities

Have A Picnic

Getting outdoors and enjoying a nice meal while listening to great tunes is an awesome way to spend time together and enjoy the scenery. We’ve got a list of picnic essentials that encourages sustainability. Check it out here.

Go For A Bike Ride

Enjoy your community by taking out your bike to explore and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Plant a Tree

Planting trees can be a great way to bond, and it is extremely beneficial to the environment. The National Wildlife Federation goes into great detail on the advantages trees bring our environment. Read more here

Outdoor Treasure Hunt

An outdoor treasure hunt is a great way to keep the little ones busy and excited. Hide varieties of goodies, gifts, and more outdoors (maybe in your backyard, or a park). Take this to the next level by providing treasure maps, clues, and incorporate these awesome tips from here.

Treasure Hunt

Build a Bird Feeder or Bird House

Using recycled materials, you can build incredible homes for birds or feeders for those on the go. Check out Pinterest for a plethora of ideas on how to build the best!

Start an Indoor Herb Garden

A lot of waste we see comes from the packaging used for herbs sold in a grocery store. Making your own indoor herb garden can help eliminate that.

Go Plogging!

This is simply going for a walk, whilst taking a bag with you to pick up any waste you see on your trail to help keep your community clean.

Go for a Walk/Hike

Physical activity can be great for the whole family. Be sure to use reusable water bottles, sunscreen, and healthy snacks to get everyone happy and hydrated. Visit for the scoop on the best hikes in your area.

Visit a Local U-Pick Farm

U-Pick farms are a great way to get fresh, sustainably grown produce. Search on google for locations nearest you. Your family will have so much fun picking out fresh fruits, veggies and more that are organic and eco-friendly.

U-Pick Farms

Use Sustainable Transportation

When traveling be sure to limit your carbon footprint. You can utilize public transportation, ride your bike or scooter, or even carpool.

No matter what plans you have for this summer, be sure to keep sustainability in mind. If you are enjoying public facilities such as parks or beaches, be sure to take any waste with you and dispose properly, utilize reusable containers, storage, bins, etc for taking your goods on the go. Always think of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint each step of the way!


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