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We’ve engineered Elite 7 Pro with our most advanced and cutting-edge call technology yet, to completely revolutionize your life on the go. A whole world of new possibilities awaits.

This is true wireless freedom reinvented.

Jabra Elite 7 Wireless Earbuds


FREE YOUR WORKOUT – When you’re working up a sweat, Elite 7 Active stay comfortably in place; With our unique ShakeGrip technology along with being IP57 water and sweatproof, these earbuds are designed to stay in no matter how hard you work outINTELLIGENT NOISE CONTROL – Choose your preferred levels of immersion or awareness for your workout with adjustable ANC and HearThrough technology – only hear what you want to hearCRYSTAL-CLEAR CALLS – Whether you’re working out or working on that big deadline, Elite 7 Active offers amazing clarity; With 4 microphones and covered with fine SAATI Acoustex mesh for wind protection, these earbuds have you coveredMAXIMUM PERFORMANCE – Personalization options and 6 mm speakers for a powerful sound – use just one bud with Mono Mode – each offers up to 8 hours battery and 30 hrs with the caseMY SOUND IS YOUR SOUND – Our latest pioneering technology tests your hearing in the Jabra Sound+ app, and tailors your music to suit your individual hearing profile; My Sound makes the music you love even betterENHANCED EXPERIENCE – Get the best and improved performance by updating your headset through Jabra Sound+ App



I have used AirPod pro for about 1 year, for meetings and sometimes to listen to podcasts on long bike rides. I settled on the AirPod pros after trying a few alternatives and really like them. Unfortunately, I lost the right earpiece and was left with the left side.

I did a bit of research and my choices came down to either these Jabra Elite 4 or another set of AirPod pros. Boy am I glad I got these!

They are extremely comfortable, on some unlucky days, I get to spend 4+ hrs in meetings and these have been very comfortable, light and I do not even seem to notice them sometimes. I would say they offer better seal and grip for me than the AirPod pros


I did a lot of research on earbuds specifically concentrating on those that offered the best call quality. It was more difficult than I imagined because most of the reviews center around music and noise cancelation for YOU and not the caller. While I listen to a lot of music, I already had a pair of earbuds from SounCore that were a couple of years old and were great for music but lousy for calls. I have many meetings throughout the day and it’s not uncommon to be on a call for 2-3 hours or more. I had relied on a great one piece in the ear headset from Plantronics for about 4 years before it died and I wanted a replacement that could serve as earbuds. I looked at Jabra because I’ve used their headsets meant for calling in the past and they worked great. My new set needed to offer good quality noise reduction on my end but excellent noise cancelation for the other person on the call and yet be small and unobtrusive. This set fits the bill perfectly! I mostly use MS Teams but I’ve also used them with Zoom and Google Duo and of course, regular phone calls, and my calls are CRYSTAL CLEAR on both ends. My associates say that my voice is much clearer than when I used my Plantronics set that was meant specifically for calls. I also think that the “transparent” or as Jabra calls it “hear through” mode works very well. Oh, and music and podcasts sound as awesome as ever!


I used to own the Jabra 65T buds, but I lost them on vacation in Mexico. These are superior to the 65T because of the noise cancellation both for me the speaker while travelling on a plane or working in the home office, but also to the listener. The 4 mics do a great job of filtering out background noise, while still pickup up just my voice. They are very comfortable with the largest sized buds for me, sealing out the sound and staying in without being uncomfortable. I wear them while travelling for 3-5 hours and though it’s not as comfortable as the Jabra 75T Over Ear headphones I use at home, SO much less bulk for the carry on. Battery is phenomenal, I’ve only charged them once in 2 weeks of use. The Jabra+ app is really well done, and gives you a lot of customization for the noise cancellation, hear through, custom EQ etc. Being able to pair to two devices simultaneously is very convenient, as I can answer a phone call, or jump on a Zoom on my iPad without pairing/unpairing. note: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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