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You may have seen this desk all over TikTok, and rightfully so! This desk is a 47″ adjustable height standing desk with wireless charging capabilities, a glass top to use as a whiteboard and so much more!

Viral Adjustable Whiteboard Desk


Includes Two 2.4 amp USB InputsHeight adjustable from 29.4” – 47”Wireless Desktop Charging StationDry Erase Compatible Glass TopAvailable in White or Black



I bought this item in store after seeing it on display. Assembly was quick and easy. I recommend two people just for ease of handling the large glass top, but can be done by an individual. It’s the perfect size to accommodate my two monitors and my laptop, full size ergo keyboard and mouse. The wireless charge pad is super convenient. I can easily adjust the height with a quick touch and I did learn quickly to take advantage of the lock feature to prevent unintended changes in height. I hesitated to spend the money but found that the pricing is quite reasonable based on other versions I have priced. Great value! It’s only been a few days but I LOVE IT!


This desk was out of stock at the local Costco and I decided to order it online. Other reviews indicated that an online order would mean that the top glass could arrive shattered. I decided to give it a chance. The desk arrived in perfect conditions (perhaps the packing has been improved) and it is a great stand up desk. The electronics works just beautifully and it is big enough for me to hold my large 27” monitor plus all papers I need during the day (two different piles). There is enough space left to add my phone, a mug of coffee and whatever else I might need. All this comes at a very good price. I highly recommend this desk.


I love this table. The timer feature is so helpful because when I want to take a break from standing while working, it can keep me from sitting too long. The wireless charger on the table charges my phone so slow. It is incredibly slow that I don’t even bother using it. That is the only negative I have found. I love the drawers because it means more room on the table top for important things. The table is bigger than it appears in the picture. I need to get a mat or cover for the glass top because it gets dirty or collects lint really easily. I have had mine for about 1 or 2 months, and it has some scratches on it already.


I love this desk! It was easy to assemble, two people would be faster, but one person can do it all (as I did). The adjustable heights are just what I needed. I love the timer function to let me know when to stand. The phone charger pad is also a huge bonus. I did have a small issue with the table not raising very much in the beginning, but I googled the issue and found a great video on how to fix the issue. It was a simple fix (resetting them height).

I highly recommend this desk if you are like me and working from home. It doesn’t take up too much space and looks very clean and smart. I even writes meeting notes on the glass top with a whiteboard marker. It wipes off easily.

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