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Are you looking for the quick, surefire way to ensure your home is safe at all times? This smart lock allows you peace of mind and ease of access to locking or unlocking your home in 6 different ways.

Sifely Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock


[Rental Hosts and Home Owners] Sifely smart door lock is a great solution for Airbnb short-term rental hosts, rental property management, and self-housing resident. Generate passcode remotely and share it to your visitors.[6-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Lock] 6 ways to unlock your door: Ergonomic Fingerprint Sensor + Custom Passcode + Key Card Fob + Wireless Key Fob + 2 Back up Physical Keys + Fully App Control. Never worrying about forgetting your keys and lock yourself out. Auto-lock is enabled in case you forget to lock on the way out.[Fingerprint on Handle] Designed for quick and secure access with a ergonomic patented fingerprint sensor on the door handle. Recognizing prints and opening door in one step by simply turning the handle with your thumb on it ![DIY & Easy Installation] Easy to install in minutes with just a Phillips screwdriver. No extra drills needed. No locksmith needed. Door handle is reversible for both left and right handed doors. Due to lock size, it may interfere with screen doors or storm doors.[Remote Control / WiFi Access] If paired with Sifely WiFi Gateway (Optional Add-on, Sold Separately), you can lock/unlock your smart door lock anywhere anytime, set up codes remotely and check real-time access logs.



This is the 3rd one I bought for my short term rental places. It’s easy to install and works well. I can access the lock as well as the set up through the mobile app and on the website. They come with two cards and multiple extra backup keys. This updated version in particular seemed to have addressed areas I wished would’ve been better from the previous version I bought. The the backup key is access from the top, and the better installation guide printed and shipped inside the box. Also the lock looks slicker than the older version. I was pretty pleased with the older version but even happier with the newer one.


Gateway was simple to set up. Plug it in and connect on app. Tadaaaaa! I installed the door lock in less than a half hour and that included moving my deadbolt from the top hole to the bottom and installing this new lock. It’s super easy to use and extremely convenient. I babysit a 7 year old and she easily unlocks it with her fingerprint and her unique passcode. It’s definitely worth the extra money to ditch the old classic lock and get this awesome and very stylish upgrade. I can unlock instagram from my phone as well in case I have a delivery and it’s raining. It’s truly one of my favorite purchases on Amazon in all the years I have been purchasing stuff. Highly recommended.


This is my 3rd Sifely Smart Lock…the other two are the E versions. All use the same app or web interface for managing. Quality of the hardware at this price point appears excellent and the software has multiple features that lend well to lock functionality, and code management….especially in our case with multiple short term rentals. I do think the software has some glitches, but they are minor and it’s software, so I expect that Sifely will continue to evolve the platform which will just make this lock even better. The multiple code choices are a plus…permanent, ( for cleaners and other recurring users) as well as customer and timed codes too. The audit trail of codes/users is a great feature too. At this price point, I recommend getting one, trying it out and decide from there.

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