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For most, school is already underway, for others it’s just around the corner! Whatever the case, the best way to tackle the new school year is to be organized, whether you are a parent or a student we have curated some helpful tips.

Back To School

Command Station

Having a command station by the door, or any area in your home that makes sense is super crucial. This can be a place where kids can hang their coats, backpacks, lunches, keys, shoes, and anything else they may need to grab on the way out.

Plan it Out

Having a family schedule by your command station can be extremely beneficial. This way everyone is in the loop, and no one misses an important practice, ceremony, or exam date. Or you can go digital and sign up for apps such as Cozi, which allows you to sync your calendar with the whole fam!

Meal Planner Fridge Magnet

In the spirit of planning your week, most can save a huge amount of time by pre-planning their meals for the week! Check out this magnetic meal planner that you can stick to your fridge, that includes a space to make your grocery list!

Shoe Organizer

It may sound odd, but an over-the-door shoe organizer can act as a great storage solution for extra school supplies without taking up much space.

Over the Door File/Folder Organizer

This over the door hanger is sleek, and extremely helpful for organizing important documents.

Homework Center

Ensure there is an organized clean space to execute homework. With a whirlwind of at-home and virtual school these past few years, most have probably already designated a space to do their schoolwork. Be sure to update this space to adapt to the needs of your students in 2022.

Pack it Up

Keep spare school necessities in the car, so that you are always prepared in case of emergencies or forgotten items at home. You can choose cute baggies, or car organizers to keep these in

Have A Project Stash

Start a collection of basic project necessities, including but not limited to: posterboards, markers, stickers, note cards, glue sticks, etc. This can help avoid any last-minute panic trips to the store to get the right supplies for a project due the next day.

Rolling Storage Cart

If you do gather a project stash, this cart is perfect for storing extra materials, or craft supplies so you can tuck them away nicely!


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