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Our Perch Magnetic Modular System is an attractive way to stay organized too. Simply mount the magnetic plates of the Perch Magnetic Modular System to the wall and attach the containers of your choice. 

Perch Magnetic Modular System


The modular design makes it easy to add a modern touch to any wall while making use of vertical space to organize everything from office supplies to kitchen tools. The lightweight, recyclable containers are easy to remove or rearrange as needed.

Made from ABS plasticAttach Magnetic Containers to Wall Plate or other magnetic surfaceMounting hardware included and four 3M Command Mounting Strips integrated into Wall Plate



I absolutely love this product! I had used them in my classroom for a couple of different things last year. This year I was struggling with what I could use as classroom mailboxes since my new room didn’t have as much space. I then tried one on one of my student’s desks for a week to see if it would be the answer I was looking for. Not to my surprise, it was exactly what I was looking for! I love them, my students love them, and my principal loves them!


I use this on the side of my file cabinet to put files that need to be returned to a drawer. The magnet is very strong and holds sometimes heavy files easily. I love this little addition to office organizing.


I used this holder on top of my desk and I’m very surprised at how helpful it is!! Instead of throwing all my papers onto the floor or all over the desk, I put them all on this desk older and it’s amazing! I would recommend


I have the bigger one and love it. You could really use it for anything. The magnets are super strong. I have mine up on my refrigerator and it holds my 3 most used cookbooks in it and it doesn’t budge. I will be ordering more.


These is a very sturdy and well constructed piece. The magnet on it is super strong! I used it on the side of my dryer to hold the lint I remove from the lint screen. Super handy. I want to buy another one for the side of my refrigerator for coupons, note pad, shopping lists etc.

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