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Are you looking for an innovative way to pay off your mortgage and manage your finances in one place? If so, a HomeSelect loan could be right for you! HomeSelect is a revolutionary mortgage tool that works like a checking account, allowing you to add funds into the account to “offset” your loan’s balance, significantly reducing the amount of interest you accrue daily.

A HomeSelect loan can be used for purchases and refinances, applies to primary or secondary homes, and can even be used towards investment properties. This gives you the flexibility to control your finances and have everything in one place.

HomeSelect grants loans up to $2 Million without geo-limits, no balloon payment or pre-payment penalty, and provides 30 years of draw access to equity money. This means that you can make payments on your property in advance and allows you to pay off your loan sooner. A HomeSelect loan builds equity in the home 2-4 times faster than a traditional loan.

What this means for you

HomeSelect allows flexibility with paying off your loan and makes it easier to access your funds. This features features of traditional checking accounts such as:

online bill-pay management

direct payroll deposit

ACH transferring


personal checks

digital money transferring (wire)

automatic bill-pay

mobile check imaging deposits

and many more!

With all of these features possible, there is no better way to take control of your finances and pay off your mortgage! The HomeSelect loan is easier to use, hassle-free, and more accessible than most traditional loans.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a modern alternative to the traditional mortgage, HomeSelect may be right for your situation! To learn more, access the HomeSelect Simulator, and talk to a licensed mortgage professional near you today!

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Kyle Best

Kyle Best graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in the Spring of 2020 with a major in Business Management and a minor in Banking and Financial Services. Kyle also grew up in central Kentucky and is starting as a new Loan Officer for Geneva Financial.

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